Wookiee Radio 5: Shadows Of Force Friday

This episode starts with a discussion about season 3 of Rebels, which just premiered this past weekend.  We talk about the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn, express our happiness at seeing the beloved Y-Wing fighters from the original movies, and how nicely the cartoon series is tying everything together in the Star War canon.  We mention some more things we liked about the episode, including a darker, more grown up version of Ezra, some fun Easter eggs, and Ezra’s new lightsaber.  Overall, we were all very happy with the season premiere, and are extremely excited about this season.

The gang then moves on to talk about Dave Filoni changing jobs, and possibly moving on to a larger role overseeing the television aspect of Lucasfilm, and possibly more.  We have a discussion about the Expanded Universe that leads to several questions, such as when does Shaak Ti die, an are there any more Jedi still alive after Order 66?  We then move on to discuss other force users besides Jedi and Sith, and question whether Han Solo’s luck might be somehow force related.

Next, we move on to discuss Force Friday, which will occur on September 30th this year, and we talk about some of the cool Rogue One toys coming out on that day.  After that, we move on to talk about an investors meeting where the plans for future Star Wars movies was laid out until the year 2021.  We then talk about a change of music composers, and a fantastic Ralph McQuarrie art book being released before finishing off with talks about comics that will be released in December, and the two books that will come out before the recording of our next episode

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