Wookiee Radio 7: We Have Been Jammed, Grape Jammed


Wookiee Radio returns to the holonets with news and commentary from a hairy point of view.

We start the show off by reviewing the latest episode of “Star Wars Rebels”, followed by rumors/spoilers for Star Wars Episode 8 and some continued speculation about the origins of Ray from the Force Awakens. We lose Derrick to Imperial jamming but we continue, from there we move into some Rogue One talk and discuss a new trailer that is playing at Cinemark Theaters and also talk the news that ABC will have an exclusive first look at Rogue One during their Wonderful World of Disney Holiday Special on Thanksgiving night.

Then in gaming news Dice has announced That the sequel to their hit Battlefront reboot will be dropping in fall 2017

 And we finish the show looking forward to and previewing the comics and novels coming out in the next couple of weeks.

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