Wookiee Radio 23: Imperial Checkpoints, Yuck!

This week, Mike is missing, and Ken and Derrick suspect he may have been captured by Imperials, but fear not, a plan to rescue Mike has been put into action.  In the meantime, Ken and Derrick continue the show to honor their missing companion. Ken starts out with an in depth description of the Star Wars costume exhibit he recently visited, describing all the amazing costumes and props he saw.  Next, the duo discuss some interesting possible revelations that were discovered in leaked photos of the upcoming Episode 9 LEGO sets.  After that, they move on to discuss a recent article written about how The Force Awakens could be a metaphor for Abrams forgiving Lucas for the prequel.  Ken and Derrick then finish the episode with a preview of the comics coming out in the next couple of weeks.

If you are reading this Mike, Derrick and Ken want you to know that they are coming to save you.
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