Wookiee Radio 43: We Scream, Last Jedi Ice Cream

This week, Ken has gone missing, possibly captured by the Empire, leaving Mike and Derrick to record the broadcast on their own. Perhaps the Smugglers Three might be pushing their luck a little too far with the Imperials, that might end up badly for them if they continue. Not sayin’, but I’m sayin’.

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • Rebels recap
  • Rian Johnson will be directing a brand new trilogy
  • Possible proof that Grand Admiral Thrawn will survive the final season of Rebels
  • A new live action series has been announced
  • A collector’s edition vinyl set of the soundtrack to A New Hope
  • Now you can enjoy Star Wars themed ice cream while you watch The Last Jedi
  • A preview of the books and comics coming out in the next few weeks
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