Wookiee Radio 47: Who Has The Distro

t last, the time has finally come! The Last Jedi has finally come out! Unfortunately, at the time of this recording, only one of the Smugglers Three had actually seen the movie, so you will not find any discussion about the actual movie on this episode. But, perhaps that is a good thing.

Topics discussed on this episode include:

1. A discussion about how The Disney/Fox deal could affect the Star Wars franchise.

2. Thursday preview night box office numbers for The Last Jedi.

3. How the Last Jedi team fleshed out Leia’s performance in post production.

4. NASA will be screening The Last Jedi for the astronauts in space.

5. What will be the fate of microtransactions in Battlefront 2.

6. Holiday deals on Star Wars games.

7. The reason J. J. Abrams decided to return to direct Episode 9.

8. A preview of the upcoming books and comics coming out.

9. A discussion about toxic fandom and the expanded universe.

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