Wookiee Radio 49: Back At Almost Full Voice

The Smugglers Three are back after a short holiday break. Mike caught a bit of the Correlian flu over the break. But, if the Empire can’t stop him, surely a bit of illness can’t either, right?

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  1. Kevin Kiner has finished his soundtrack work on the Rebels show.
  2. Rumors about a trailer being released soon for the Solo film.
  3. A discussion some of the things found in the Last Jedi Secrets Revealed special.
  4. John Williams will do the soundtrack for Episode IX.
  5. Details on the new Rivals mobile game.
  6. 5 reasons to love the Secrets Of The Empire virtual reality experience.
  7. A preview of the Forces Of Destiny Here comic.
  8. LEGO leaked photos might contain some mild spoilers for Solo.
  9. Comics coming out this month.
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