Wookiee Radio 13: Trials Of The Meatbags

Wookiee Radio 13: Trials Of The Meatbags

Welcome back to issue 13 of Wookiee Radio.
This week we start off with a report from Disney World, where Mike and his family got to be some of the first to take the Guided Tour of Star Wars. And of course, you cannot go to Disney without picking up a toy or two.
Next Disney and Lucasfilm have put out a statement to the fans regarding whether or not we will see a digital Leia in Star Wars Episode VIII.
Then it is on to our Rebels discussion, we review Ghosts of Geonosis Parts 1 &2, Warhead, and Trials of the Darksaber. We also take a look at 5 of the major changed that Trials of the Darksaber had on Star Wars cannon.
Followed by the news that Woody Harrelson has been cast in the Han Solo movie. We also discuss the 6 best imperial officers and 5 meanest droids, Meatbags.

Wookiee Radio 12: Detours With Jenn Hill & Todd Grimes

Wookiee Radio 12: Detours With Jenn Hill & Todd Grimes

On this episode of Wookiee Radio, we welcomed guests Jenn Hill, and Todd Grimes who are the producer and director of the cancelled Star Wars television show Detours, as well as a documentary called Rogue 39 about the making of the Detours show. We start off the discussion by asking the pair where the idea for the show originated, and what the premise of the show was to be. Jenn and Todd explained that Detours was meant to be a show that would explore the back stories of the various characters, both main and background characters, in a comedic fashion.

We talked with Jenn and Todd about how they got involved in the Detours show, and then delved a bit into the story of how the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney ended up being the death of the show. We interrogated Jenn and Todd about how much they knew about the sale beforehand, how long it took after the sale for Detours to become a casualty, and how they felt during the transition to Disney.

We then move on to discuss the documentary Rogue 39 that Jenn and Todd made about the making of Detours, and talk a bit about the production of the show. Jenn and Todd tell us how much of the show was scripted versus how much was ad libbed, talk about the show being more story driven than just simple skits, and describe what the recording process was like with the actors on the show.

Next, we talk about how much help the duo received from Dave Feloni, and how much free reign they had on the show versus how many limitations they faced. We ask Jenn and Todd about some of their favorite characters, and talk about the reasons behind Jenn and Todd’s decision to make a documentary.

We then move on to talk about the reactions that Star Wars fans had to the show, as well as any confrontations Jenn and Todd may have experienced with some less than enthusiastic fans. After that, the conversation moves on to some of the rare Detours swag that has been produced, some of Jenn and Todd’s favorite moments while making the show, and the current projects that they are both working on.

We finish off the episode with Jenn and Todd telling us that there is still some slight hope that Detours will some day see the light of day, and that they don’t have any bitter feelings about the fate of the show.

Wookiee Radio 11: Spoiler Alert- Rogue One

Wookiee Radio 11: Spoiler Alert- Rogue One

Wookiee Radio returns and now that we have all seen Rogue One, it is time to get all of the reaction from a wookiee point of view. In this short reaction show we spoil all things Rogue One.

Wookiee Radio 10: Rebel Catalyst

Wookiee Radio 10: Rebel Catalyst

After giving out a holiday greeting, we move on to a very brief chat about Rogue One.  At the time of the recording, Ken had been the only one to see the movie, so he gives us his opinion of the film, spoiler free, of course.  Next, we discuss the box office take of Rogue One, and then move on to discuss some of the new Star Wars related offerings that have been added to the Disney theme parks.

We then move on to our Rebels Recap, where we discuss the last three episodes of the cartoon in detail.  The episodes discussed are “The Wynkahthu Job”, “An Inside Man”, and “Visions and Voices”.  After the recap, we give a reading guide to the Rogue One Books that have been released, and then talk about the Star Wars merchandise that can be found this holiday season.

We finish off the show by previewing the Star Wars comics being released by Marvel in the next few weeks, and teasing our next episode of Wookiee Radio which will contain a full discussion of our thoughts on Rogue One, A Star Wars Story.  That episode will contain many spoilers, so consider this your warning.


Wookiee Radio Episode 9: That’s No Moon, That’s Spaceship Earth

Wookiee Radio Episode 9: That’s No Moon, That’s Spaceship Earth

This week on Wookiee Radio Mike, Derrick and Ken are back to cover all the news from a galaxy far, far away. We start with a story about what characters may or may not be in the Han Solo stand-alone movie. Then it is on to the “exclusive first-look” at Rogue One from the Wonderful World of Disney Holiday Special, and Kathleen Kennedy sat down with EW to discuss Rogue One and the future of the Star Wars saga.

Next Mike can finally tell us what the big Disney Park secret is. Spaceship Earth gets a makeover for one night. Derrick tells us about the actual first appearance of Boba Fett and we take a look at the possible inspiration for the look of Rey from The Force Awakens.

Then we wrap up the show with a look at a few of the book coming out for the holidays from DK and we see what comics are coming in the next couple of weeks.

Wookiee Radio 8: All Things That Are Rogue

We start off this episode with the group catching up on what they have been up to in the last few weeks, including an interesting story by Ken about a mock trial pitting the Star Wars franchise against Star Trek. Next, we discuss the announcement that Emilia Clarke, of Game of Thrones fame, has been cast in an unnamed roll in the upcoming young Han Solo film. We then move on to our Rebels roundup, where we discuss the finer points of the most recent episode of the show.

After that, we talk about an article that seems to think that Rogue One will feature one of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest defeats. This leads to the discussion of the possibility of an appearance in Rogue One by Nien Nunb, who fans will remember is the copilot of Lando Calrissian in Return of the Jedi.

Next, Mike gives us his unique perspective on the Star Wars Land being built at the Disney theme parks, and we talk about the Star Tours ride as well. There is talk of the interesting Star Wars version of the classic boardgame Clue before moving on to discuss the recently announced Darth Maul comic, and then talking about the comics coming out in the next couple of weeks.

We take a brief moment to talk about the WeBes, the We Be Geeks version of awards, then take a few minutes to move back to comics as we rant about the oft-delayed C3-PO comic that eventually came out this year.

We finish off the show by discussing an article about Wookiees, new stickers coming to Apple’s imessage app, and the release of the 3-D version of The Force Awakens. The crew of Wookiee Radio would also like to wish our listeners a happy Life Day, which has just recently passed.

Wookiee Radio 7: We Have Been Jammed, Grape Jammed


Wookiee Radio returns to the holonets with news and commentary from a hairy point of view.

We start the show off by reviewing the latest episode of “Star Wars Rebels”, followed by rumors/spoilers for Star Wars Episode 8 and some continued speculation about the origins of Ray from the Force Awakens. We lose Derrick to Imperial jamming but we continue, from there we move into some Rogue One talk and discuss a new trailer that is playing at Cinemark Theaters and also talk the news that ABC will have an exclusive first look at Rogue One during their Wonderful World of Disney Holiday Special on Thanksgiving night.

Then in gaming news Dice has announced That the sequel to their hit Battlefront reboot will be dropping in fall 2017

 And we finish the show looking forward to and previewing the comics and novels coming out in the next couple of weeks.

Wookiee Radio 6: Cookies Fix Everything

The Empire tried to shut us down recently, but we prevailed( we had cookies) and are bringing you another fine episode of the Wookiee Radio podcast.  We start off with Mike giving a shout out to a band that he recently had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with called Bodh’aktan.  Next, we move on to discuss the breaking news that actor Donald Glover will be playing Lando Calrissian in the upcoming young Han Solo movie.  This announcement leads to a discussion about how exactly Han acquires the Millennium Falcon from Lando, and we later read a rumor that that question will be answered in the film.

Next, we recap the Rebels cartoon, discussing the four episodes that have aired since our last recording and giving quick highlights and comments from each episode.  Afterwards, we move on to discuss, with great excitement, the latest trailer for the Rogue One movie coming out in less than two months.  We then move on to talk about the various Lego sets coming out for the Rogue One move, then briefly move on to talk about the Battlefront X-Wing mission coming out for the Playstaion VR system in time for the holiday season before moving back to talk about more Lego goodness.

Next, we talk about the recently announced Star Wars comic based on the Dr. Aphra character from the recently ended Darth Vader comic.  Talking about this comic leads us into a lengthy discussion about the two assassin droids from the Darth Vader comic, BT-1 and Triple Zero.  Next, we go over the comics coming out in the next few weeks, then take a trip down memory lane to finish the episode as we discuss an article about the five Star Wars videogames that actually exceeded their hype.

Wookiee Radio 5: Shadows Of Force Friday

This episode starts with a discussion about season 3 of Rebels, which just premiered this past weekend.  We talk about the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn, express our happiness at seeing the beloved Y-Wing fighters from the original movies, and how nicely the cartoon series is tying everything together in the Star War canon.  We mention some more things we liked about the episode, including a darker, more grown up version of Ezra, some fun Easter eggs, and Ezra’s new lightsaber.  Overall, we were all very happy with the season premiere, and are extremely excited about this season.

The gang then moves on to talk about More

Wookiee Radio 4: Freemaking Rebels

Wookiee Radio is back with episode 4. We started this show by saying good bye to show cohost Brett and welcoming new cohost
Vicky. We then move on to Star wars TV news. Rebels season 3 starts in 2 weeks. So, we start with some of what we know about the new season and what we are the most looking forward to. Then we move on to the Freemaker Adventures DVD/BluRay release. Moving on to Video Games. We discuss the potential of the new 3rd person game that is being developed by EA Viscerals. Next Mike found a funny list of the 7 worst Star Wars rip offs and we found out how well we know the Force Awakens with a starwars.com quiz. Then we finish with what comics are being released between now and the next time you hear us.